The Great News by Peter Popoff


Back then, there was a man known as Peter Popoff who was touched by God's values, he reached out to the people from Eastern Europe and to its underground church which was persecuted by the Communist group.
Like some other Christians who truly fight for their belief, Peter's father along with his grandfather experienced because of such reason before they have went to the US. In spite of harassment from the Communist authorities, Peter's father and relatives runaway Berlin, and arrived at the USA in 1950. With these memories of persecution fresh in young Peter's mind, he received a childhood calling from God to go in the ministry.
* Peter completed college and married Elizabeth in 1971, then began Peter Popoff Ministries.
*It was in 1976 that Popoff started his ministry through a radio program and continued it by speaking at congregations as well as conferences all over America. During this period, he also courageously led Bible smuggling operations that permeated the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe as well as the Bamboo Curtain of China.
*Moreover, Peter used every means essential to spread the good news to the people in these places.
*Peter Popoff intelligently devised a plan to deliver the Word to those not easy to reach places by utilizing helium filled balloons. These Gospels are enclosed in waterproof coverings carried by waves for lecturers to receive it and be able to pass on the Gospel even if it's forbidden in such areas. This Gospel intrusion was successful.
*In the modern day era, underground Christian organizations are considering Peter's works as something great. Because of Peter Popoff, they do know how to work and live their religious lives.
* Popoff stated that by any means, there is always a means for the Word of God to be spread. He added that starting groups will do anything, whether it is filling up balloons with tracks or dropping books into the ocean, just to reach the nations that are prohibited to God's Word. May it be intentional or unintentionally, Peter Popoff already has distributed enormous numbers of Gospel literatures around the world.
* In order to hear him spread the word and feel an extraordinary touch from heaven, crowds of people journey for miles just to gather and see the strength of God through Reverend Popoff. He even had a crowd of over 30,000 people in one service in Odessa, Russia, in which he uncovered the miracle workings of The almighty, ultimately setting people free.
* Peter believed that he's already subjected to reaching huge numbers of people all over the world to spread the Word of God. His heart was filled with an intense passion for the Word of God and with a desire for folks to experience God's supernatural existence.
* Popoff expanded his works in 1982 as he started a TV program. These days, his impressive weekly show can be seen on main TV systems across North America and is carried by satellite to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
* For over 40 years, Peter Popoff has spearheaded a ministry that has proclaimed the life-changing miraculous power of Jesus Christ.
Touching people's lives with the good news of the Gospel was the goal in life of Peter Popoff. Myriads of men, women and children were spiritually healed through Peter's Ministry.


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